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Welcome to my blog. My work and life are my play and passion. It is a crazy quilt of creativity for the soul that is meant to inspire, transform and heal through gardens, art and work with the sacred. I work and play in gardens, garden design, garden writing, art, art journaling, mandala art & photography, mandala classes and workshops, pottery, meditation, meditation teaching, sustainability and sacred space. I share my life with my husband, sons, daughter-in-law, son’s fiance,  friends, clients, students and memories of my dog.
Collage of mandalas, mandala flower photos and photographs by artist, garden designer, photographer and meditation teacher Linda Wiggen Kraft

All these pieces of my life are a patchwork of a creativity woven together into a life I am so grateful for. This blog is meant to bring inspiration, guidance and information to others in their creative journeys to discover their own sacred center and to bring their creativity into the world. That creativity may manifest in infinite ways. Right now the world hungers deeply for that creativity and its expression.

May this blog help all in their journey to self discovery, joy and meaning. Please join me to wander and find wonder. And if you are ever in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, my garden is open to visitors. There you will find beauty, mystery and plenty of weeds to pull. Just let me know you are coming.

Linda Wiggen Kraft