I am filled with joy that my mandalas and the story of how they became part of my life are featured in a six page article in the spring issue of Art Journaling magazine.    I found copies at Barnes & Noble.  Here are the pages.  Let them be an inspiration.








I don’t know if the words can be read on some internet devices (smart phones for example).  If you would like the words, please email me and I can send them to you.

MANDALA PROMPT – Let the images and words of your heart, hands and mind flow together in your mandalas.  The soul speaks in both images and words.  Let them be your guide.

MANDALA MEDITATION – Mandala Meditation – Art Journaling In A Sacred Circle


8 Responses to 100 Days for Mandalas – My Mandalas in Art Journaling Magazine – Week Twelve

  1. Jan Aughey says:

    Linda, so happy for you that your beautiful mandalas are published in Art journaling magazine. Love the words that acompany the mandalas and your meditation. Jan

  2. ReneeZarate says:

    Congratulations! Wow, I’m so impressed, can’t wait to see it!!

  3. That’s totally awesome. Congratulations!

  4. Linda your work and your page are beautiful. I can feel myself unfolding into a New Space of Integrating images, words and photography. Your work is gorgeous. Thank you for Sharing It with Us. I look forward to receiving your newsletter and updates.



    • Linda Wiggen Kraft says:

      Thank you for your kind words Nadine. I’m glad you will receive the new blog posts as they come out.
      Enjoy and create.

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