If you live in St. Louis and you say you are “going to the garden”, it only means one thing. You are going to the Missouri Botanical Garden.  We treat this amazing garden as our own and love it as if it was in our own backyard.   My friend from England, who has traveled the world over visiting public gardens, and has very famous ones in her own “back yard”,  like Sissinghurst to name one, loves our garden.  So when she was here to visit recently we took a trip to the garden.  Here are a few photos.





















One thing the garden does is send emails about what is currently blooming , so I won’t miss the blossoms of the cherry trees in the Japanese Garden, the sacred lotuslilies  and other not to be missed wonders. Today I got an email that the water lilies are blooming.  I think I will be going to the garden soon.


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  1. Lalabelle says:

    As a fellow piligrm, I too love journaling, focusing on my breath, or a word or phrase. I also use music, such as singing bowls, to center me and enhance my meditative experience. There are two CDs I use regularly as soon as I put them on I feel myself relaxing and preparing to go inward. Music really helps me deepen my connection to the Divine. Thanks for the reminder of mandalas I’ve known about them but so far haven’t used them.

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