My Aunt Lonna’s* fairy houses are some of the most creative sculptures I have ever seen.  The sweetness is seen in each detail of these creations made from nature’s materials.  I know the fairies were guiding my Aunt to find the perfect mushroom, acorn, branch, roots, moss and other fairy delights to use in her fairy houses.  Some of my favorites are the ones where the roots found near her daughter’s house in Texas become the top of the fairy house.

*Please read more about my Aunt at the end of this blog that honors her creativity.













My dear sweet Aunt passed from this world on Tuesday November 6th.  I know the fairies and angels were at her side.  Part of a memorial says it best, ” She had an eye for beauty and could find a piece of wood and transform it into a unique piece of art and craftsmanship.” I will miss her amazing creativity, but most of all, I will miss her.


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4 Responses to Fairies & Family – Part Two

  1. Sharon Schuman says:

    Got this from Brenda….I am Gloria Meyer’s sister, from Janesville. Nice that you put this all together. Nice to see her fairy houses~~~very nice and artistic! Sure loved nature too. Bless this tribute you made too <3

    • Linda Wiggen Kraft says:

      Hi Sharon,
      Good to hear from you. Say hi to Gloria. Lonna was such a special person, I was glad to share her amazing fairy houses. Thanks for your kind words.

  2. Brenny says:

    You were blessed to have had this talented lady in your life. Her art is playful and creative. Amazing things come from nature and when you have the vision to see beyond the surface that is a gift.

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