I never know how far the reach of my blogs is.  I am always surprised and delighted when I hear from other mandala makers and creative folks from near and far. Today I share mandalas from Holland and inspiration from Missouri, USA.

Robbie from Holland sent me a few mandalas.  I asked how they were made.  Each mandala has an explanation by this mandala maker.  Look closely for all the details.

KABOUTER – The mandala with the mushrooms and the gnomes
The inside is a lotus flower. When I started drawing, the mushrooms existed and I used it to make it some kind of small cartoon. The bottom two are a different coulours because they are the roots. There is a rainbow behind the lotus and water splashes up between the mushrooms. It is about hiding from something you are afraid for.
Made it with pencil.

HAPPINESS – The mandala happiness
This is one of the first I made, ten years ago.
It was made with pencil. First I make the circles, than I draw with pencil, than I do it again with fineliner, I erase the pencil and colour it in. This goes for all my mandala’s.
My inspiration comes from the Dalai Lama (he said the words I wrote into it…)




MUURSCHILDERIN – PEOPLE HAND IN HAND – The mandala with the people hand in hand.
That is a mural, I painted it on my wall in the living room. It is 1,5 m (4.92 feet)  across, so very big!
It took me 5 weeks, every evening and weekend.
This was the first mandala I ever drawn, and I painted it on the wall.
It is made with acrylic paint, some parts have golden nail polish in it.
It is my message to the world… Every man has a flag on its body, there are 4 flags from every part of the world.
It means we have to do it together in balance (yin yang) All together it is a spinning sun, when you look from a distance…



WERELDRELIGIES – mandala about world religions.
It shows the world with everyone on it, nobody touches each other. We are all in a vacuum (like our atmosphere) Then you see all the things we need to live. And after that a golden path to the religions and atheism. The outside shows the mayan seals (my own “religion”) and the message that we need hope, love and need to do it together…
Made with pencil.


This mandala is the latest from Robbie.  The words are part of the lyrics of a Frank Sinatra song – Fly Me To The Moon.



LISTENING TO SILENCE – an inspiration from the Month For Mandalas.  Nancy Kibbens is an clay artist and mandala maker.  She shares her creativity and inspiration often.

Thank you Robbie and Nancy for sharing.  It is such a joy to share and to know there is such creativity out there, from near and far.




5 Responses to Mandala & Creativity Sharing – from around the world

  1. Karen says:

    Robbie, your concepts are great, and your graphic details are lovely! I really enjoy ‘Happiness.” Thanks for sharing!

  2. Robbie says:

    Dear Linda, thank you so much for sharing a few of my mandalas. You are an insprition for many people, including me! To spread creativity and love like this… You are a warm hearted person with kindness. Please keep making mandalas, I am honoured that you spread mine to 🙂

  3. shiney sime says:

    dear Linda thank you for sharing , it is very inspiring

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