Monday was the new moon.  A new moon is the time to plant intentions and wishes.  Like seeds in the ground, or babies in the womb, they germinate and grow during this time of darkness.

My monthly mandala making get together took place on Sunday, the eve before the new moon.  I lead a guided meditation about this time of dark, in the winter of the year, when the energies of the cosmos gather into the earth to find creative expression later.

Some of the mandalas created were luminous orbs, made with glazes that shine in the light and reflect like the moon. 

The gold and blue glaze mimic the shadowy new moon.

The words imagine the wishes.


2 Responses to Moon Mandalas for a New & Waxing Moon

  1. Ellen says:

    Beautiful! I love gardening and how the moon influences our life, our moods!

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