This post is to honor my first photo meditation journey, which took place decades ago, when I was in my twenties.  It is also to honor the upcoming visit of my dear friend Sharon from Kent, England, home of Sissinghurst Garden.  These photos show the first time I fell in love with England.

My first photo meditation journey was in England.  I had just bought my first  camera, an Olympus with telephoto and other lenses.  I didn’t have any experience really, so I thought this would be a good time to learn. I was traveling alone, with my camera as companion.  Together we would see this part of the world.

I got a free round trip flight through DHL couriers from Chicago to London.  All I could take on the plane was one carry-on piece of luggage.  It was full of rolls of slide film – Ektachrome & Kodachrome – my camera equipment, and a few pieces of clothing.

I rented a red Mini and drove south through the countryside to  Portsmouth.  There were many stops to look at the map and find my way.  I had no reservations for places to stay or about exploring and seeing where this journey would take me.


I came across a parade of Morris Dancers who offered me a beer after their dance.  My Midwest accent felt like a Southern drawl compared to their quick precise words.


Two charming boys let me take their photo.  I can’t remember why they had a magnifying glass.


Most of my time was spent in villages with narrow main roads down the center.  There were few people around, just signs of their working and living.






My week long trip let me fall in love with all I saw, and let me fall in love with photography.  Together the many cameras I have owned  have been my companions sharing the road and seeing the world (if only in my backyard) with new and open eyes.






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4 Responses to My First Time – Photo Meditations – Ode to England

  1. Monica says:

    This is a beautiful post, Linda! So inspiring! Love the photos, they capture the magic and spirit of England – which I also love. The sheep, the horse with the church and yard, the two boys, the bike, the old man walking, the window, the stash of hay… and love the one of you leaning against the red Mini!
    I am really inspired. Thank you for posting this at this time.
    Give my Aloha to Robyn, and big hugs to both of you.

    • Linda Wiggen Kraft says:

      Thanks Monica,
      Isn’t it great that cameras can help us see the details and beauty in our world. They are great companions and helpers.
      I will give a hug to Robyn from you. And thanks for the facebook pass along.
      xoxo LINDA

  2. Diantha says:

    Oh I LOVE this post! I LOVE England. You have captured so many of the wonderful charming things about a country I love. Like Monica, I adore that photo of you with the red mini! You must have had a GREAT time! Have a great time with Robyn/Sharon! next time it will be ALL of us together! xo

    • Linda Wiggen Kraft says:

      Thank you Diantha. Our favorite Englishwoman is visiting. I’m enjoying every minute. More England photos to come.

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