Sarah is in the garden now


My dog Sarah was a super dog.  I say my dog because even though she was supposed to be the family dog, she was mine.  She was the sweetest dog and even had fans who used to go out of their way to walk by our house to pet her as she sat on the front lawn.



We got her at a small farm in Wisconsin, where the Dad was a veterinarian and the daughter raised a litter of Golden Retriever puppies every few years.


She loved being around me.  When I worked in the garden, she was right there in the garden too.



Even when I was putting seeds in the vegetable garden, she was in the garden.




But her favorite thing was to go to Forest Park and run around with her best friend Josie, an Australian Shepard dog.



She loved to  sit in the streams in the park.



Winter was just as much fun as warmer weather. Although she once had to be rescued by people working at the Boat House Restaurant when she fell through the ice on the pond next to the restaurant.




Sarah lead the way on many walks in Forest Park.



At home, it was always fun to be in the front yard for hour after hour. She often rolled around on her back and let the sun warm her belly.



She loved to sit out on the front lawn in the spring, summer, fall and winter.  I had to  make her come inside when the weather was too hot or too cold.  Last winter was her final one.  It was a very sad day last Christmas when my family and I took her to the vet to put her down.  She was 13 and a half years old.



Today I spread Sarah’s ashes in the garden near the front door and her beloved front yard.  Her sweet essence is still here with me as I walk from my my car, across the lawn next to the garden and into the house.  I miss her.


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  1. Monica says:

    I knew I would cry reading this post, but I had to read it anyway. Thank you for sharing about your beautiful Sarah, it is a wonderful tribute for such a beloved friend. She is now playing over the rainbow with my White and his other buddies, with Maggie and Molly, and other beloved dogs. Until we can all be over there together.
    I didn’t realize you had to go through the heart breaking experience of having to let her go over the Christmas holidays. Not that it’s easier at any other time. I did not have to make the hard decision you had to make, but I sometimes wonder if maybe I should have, and spared my beloved White those last few painful weeks. But I know he wanted to be with me as much as possible, as I wanted to be with him.

    It is totally unfair that dogs should not live as long as we do – they are much better creatures, teaching us unconditional love.

    Big, huge hug to you, dear friend and soul sister.

  2. Selma says:

    Dear Linda,
    I too read through and knew I will cry. I can feel your pain and your loss.I have never replied to a post or wrote my story for anybody to read, but I feel I would like to share it with you. My little Penny, she was a hedgehog, left me last Christmas. I too had to make that painful decision and trip to my vet after closing hours. Penny was with me only for 2 1/2 year, but it could have been a life time. She was not a very “people friendly” pet, yet I was strangely attracted to her (she was actually my son’s pet). And only becoming terminally ill, she became the sweetest creature I have known (I had a lot of animal friends and I loved them all). But there was something very special about her. She could communicate with me, when she was hungry, thirsty or wet. She was like a trusting little baby, just sending out waves of love, and I was swimming in them. I carried her around in a sling for 3 months, she was getting slowly paralyzed. Every few hours I gave her food, mixed in a food processor.She ate, drank, I slowly had to feed her, she eagerly drank from a syringe, until a few days before Christmas when she was ready to leave. On Christmas I was devastated, I desperately was looking for a bargaining chip up my sleeve, to save her life. There was none. I held her little paw and she took me as far I could “walk” with her, before her paw vanished and she was gone. My Penny is in my garden now and there isn’t a day I don’t go out and talk to her. When tears come into my eyes, my daughter tells me a story about Penny.
    The Holidays will be here soon and you will rememember your Sarah and I will remember my Penny and we will silently cry and I will remember you.
    I was so blessed she chose me to be her friend because she taught me unconditional love and one day I will be with her again.
    It is so special when someone touches your soul, and I am sure your Sarah touched yours, as my Penny touched mine.

    • Linda Wiggen Kraft says:

      Thank you for sharing the story of Penny. She was very special and I’m sure always with you. May Christmas be a time of loving memories of her.

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