Sharing Creativity With The Growing Light



We shared our creativity honoring the returning light and the time of open hearts.


heart-mandala-envelope-linda-massie-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogCentering Heart Mandala by Linda Massie


It was the monthly mandala circle where we gather to first share a guided meditation and then a couple of hours of creating with mandalas and paintings that we then share with each other.














mandala-mystery-moon-3-linda-wiggen-kraft-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blog4 Moon Mystery Mandalas I created – the mystery of dark and light

The power of the longer light was expressed in this mandala
mandala-orange-flames-linda-massie-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogLinda Massie Flames Mandala

The calming colors and seeds of spring in the center, inspire the awakening spring.

mandala-blues-greens-ann-brune-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogMandala by Ann Brune

Milkweed Seed Mandala created in the prairie, calling to spring.

milkweed-mandala-christine-torlina-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogMilkweed Mandala by Christine Torlina

leaf-mandala-christine-torlina-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogLeaf Mandala by Christine Torlina

Thoughts of liatris blooms in the upcoming greening of earth
liatris-martha-schermann-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogLiatris painting by Martha Schermann

sun-moon-joy-marth-schermann-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogJoy with Sun & Moon by Martha Schermann

This week is the celebration of love. Love of creativity is shared each time we gather. Hearts became part of that creativity.

love-mandala-martha-schermann-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogLove Mandala by Martha Schermann

heart-center-orange-hearts-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogHearts Mandala by Linda Massie




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  1. Sherrie Tolliver says:

    Always, always feel blessed and inspired by the mandalas and the stories you share in this blog. Namaste.

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