Spirit & Meditation

We are not in Kansas anymore.  In my early twenties it was a move to the west coast from the middle of America that changed my life. An Indian Guru and a boyfriend whose grandmother wrote a book about her experiences with fairies opened up a world of possibilities unlike any I had ever imagined before.  I was introduced to meditation, yoga, chakras, subtle energies, chi, fairies, devas and more.  With decades of meditation since, and a long time quest to infuse meaning and spirituality into all parts of life, it is meditation that has had the most profound impact on my life. Stone cairn, lotus flower close up, sand spiral in flower pot, photographs by LInda Wiggen Kraft

It has brought balance, serenity, creativity and personal growth.  Continual requests by people asking me to teach them to meditate has lead to the development of a meditation technique I now share with others.

Meditation Teaching. I teach a meditation technique I developed called Morning Meditations, Awakening Consciousness.  It is a combination of guided meditation and mantra meditation.  The process to learn takes about 3 hours and is easily learned.  Two sessions are required to learn the technique.  The first is an explanation of the process and actual learning.  The second is a follow up to see how the experiences has been and to give further guidance.  Additional follow up sessions are available.

Singing bowl for feng shui, vintage buddha statue postcard, yin yand mosiac, photos by Linda Wiggen KraftSacred Space & Feng Shui.  Creating beauty and sacredness in gardens, homes and workplaces is the goal of my design work.  This process works with the subtle life giving energies that are the basis of supporting our lives and how they manifest.  These energies are called chi and prana in the eastern traditions.  Working with a western approach to Feng Shui, and using intuition and intention about the life force energies can shift a space into a place of transformation, power and beauty.