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On-Line Interview
HEAL YOUR HOME – Align your home’s energy to increase your blessings of love, health & happiness
Online from April 17 to mid May 2017

A home is more than a physical structure; it is a place of refuge and reprieve. It is important to treat it as such by aligning your home with love, health & happiness.
I have been asked by Lisa Scannell to join her in her free online event, Heal Your Home: Align your home’s energy to increase your blessings of love, health & happiness!
As an Interior Designer for more than 38 years, Lisa Scannell is passionate about transforming homes to personal sanctuaries. Combining her professional career with her love of helping others heal their home energy, she hopes that this summit will create more peace, love and light in the lives of others.

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One Day Workshop
Saturday APRIL 8, 2017 – 10 AM TO 4 PM
Morning Mandalas, Meditation and Journaling is an easily learned combination of painting mandalas, guided imagery and journal writing.  This mandala making process awakens the artist within, creates calmness and provides insights into inner wisdom. It clears out interior clutter, right and left sides of the brain are enlivened and balanced, and  creativity is expressed through a daily mandala painting and writing practice. Different art mediums are explored: watercolor, colored papers, markers, glitter paints, glazes, sumi ink and more.  After all I am an artist and one of my greatest joys in playing with art materials, so there are lots of fun discoveries in that department.

More info on my website.

Three Day Workshop
Late Summer or Early Fall – Dates and Details coming soon
Saint Louis, MO
A three day workshop of connection to and communion with the sacredness of nature and creativity. Time in nature, making marks with mandalas, guided meditations and writing of words through journaling, prayers and poems.  This workshop will be held in late summer or early fall in St. Louis area. Details coming soon.

Please contact me if interested in attending through the contact form in this blog, on the sidebar on the right.

2016 Workshop

Hendersonville, NC
A workshop about finding the Holy in all of Nature and Creating Sacred Space with it.

Sunday August 21 (check in 4-6 pm) to Friday August 26 (after breakfast), 2016
Faith, Arts and Creative Expression – Liturical Arts Conference
Kanuga Episcopal Retreat Center, Hendersonville, NC -near Asheville
(Details of the Conference and Registration here)

Sacred spaces can be found in nature, places of worship, within our homes, within our hearts and in the work created by our hands. In the class “Creating Sacred Space in the Garden, Planting Prayers” easy to do art and writing techniques, along with hands on outdoor experience of how to create sacred spaces in our own gardens, gardens at places of worship and outside in nature will be shared. Using the beauty and marvel of Kanuga’s sacred grounds each participant will listen to nature and find an outdoor spot to create their own focal point sacred space.

Mandalas, labyrinths, sacred geometry and other art forms that have been used to create sacred spaces throughout history will be explored and used. The class will be held inside for most of the art making and writing components.

Part of our time outdoors will be learning ways of listen to nature’s languages and letting the Holy reveal itself in those languages. Within that communication and experience, sacred space can be created. Outdoor time will be spent near the classroom. There will be a tiny amount of digging in the dirt with a trowel.  No strenuous activities involved.

Prayer is part of the creation of sacred space. Prayers will be created with simple easy to do art and words. Different forms of art making and expressive writing formats will create prayers of each participant’s own art and words. Making mandalas will be part of the art making. Creating simple and easy to make art forms allows an opening to deep creativity. The marks and images made with paints and other art materials come from inner imagination and reflect a personal intuitive guidance to colors, shapes and images. Balancing this artistic right brain creativity is journal and prayer writing, which is left brain activity. Together the images and words will become the prayers used for planting prayers, prayer boxes and prayer stones which will all be part of the outdoor sacred spaces. In addition, a map will be created to pinpoint and discover all these sacred spaces at Kanuga, in a similar way to letterboxing and geocaching.

No art, writing or gardening experience necessary. The art is a simple form of “mark making” which anyone can do. The writing is a simple form of honest expression, which anyone can do. The gardening is a simple form of easy digging. The map making – well anyone with map making and/or GPS skills will be an asset. Seeds, art papers, paint, inks, dyes, stones and other art materials will be used in the creation of prayers for planting, prayer boxes and painted prayer stones.

Guided and centering meditations are an integral part of this class. They help class participants relax, center, go within to their creative core and outwardly express inner wisdom and connection.

TESTIMONIALS FROM 2015 KANUGA WORKSHOP – Entering the Sacred Through Images, Words, Nature & Gardens

“As you know, it was difficult for me to use color, design, and form for expression.  However, you and Kelly guided all of us to a place where we learned to silence our inner critics.  We learned to believe in our instincts and to respond to our own deep wells of faith, hope, joy, and trust through art.  We were able to bring it all out into the open where we could marvel at our own and one another’s expressive forms.

Through a variety of techniques, media, paint, paper, as well as guided imagery and time to muse independently, we came to explore our own inner sanctums in that special place called Kanuga.  Having five whole days of discovering the sacred in ourselves and in each other was truly marvelous.  I can only wonder at the gifts the two of you possess for helping your students slip their bonds to find and express their deepest selves”.
Jennifer Coplin

“Your 2015 workshop at F.A.C.E. reached my inner creative spirit and unleashed a deep desire to go inside more often to allow this spirit to speak.  Since then I have pursued more opportunities with groups and alone to create.  Both of you shared so many ways to allow the creative spirit to flow and I look forward to being with you again this summer.” Betty Landes

“My workshop with Linda was a wonderfully spiritual one. It was my first experience with Forest Bathing but as I immersed myself in first noticing, then feeling and then becoming, I became one with my Creator. It was a sacred moment, one which I will always carry with me.” Lark Howell

“Learning from Linda the art of making Meditation Mandalas was an amazing blessing for me. A sudden medical emergency took me to a hospital out of state to be at the bed side of my daughter who was seriously ill. Linda’s creative sharing inspired me to gather supplies so we could pass the time keeping our hands and minds busy. Throughout those long hospital days and nights we were able to sit together drawing, coloring, painting and sharing. A sacred space for healing was created. It was medicine for our hearts and souls and a long awaited blessing for mother and daughter.” Lark Howell

Individual Sessions

For 3 distinct meditation techniques developed by me – Linda Wiggen Kraft. 

Mandala Art Meditation – described above and more info on my website.

Mantra Meditation, Awakening Consciousness – an easy to learn and do 20 minute meditation. More info on my website.

Guided Meditation, Awakening Dreams – Guided meditation instruction including personalized MP3. More info on my website.


Please contact me if interested in attending a workshop or individual sessions,  through the contact form in this blog, on the sidebar on the right.