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"I never knew the healing power of our spaces. This will help me in my work as healing professional."
- Audience Member at International Conference
"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are."
- Joseph Campbell


"I am still learning  (Ancora Imparo)" – Michealangelo

Classes & Workshops 2011

Entering the Sacred through

Images & Words


Taught by artists Linda Wiggen Kraft  & Kelly Larson
St. Louis, Missouri

Workshop -  Friday Eve & Saturday


(new date)


A two day art-making workshop where connection with deep creativity and the sacred allows the inner artist to emerge through a unique way of making mandalas and art journaling.

Entering the Sacred through Images and Words workshop will be held at a St. Louis Spiritual Retreat Center located on a bluff on the Mississippi River with views across the river.   Retreat activities will take place both inside and outside on the lovely grounds.  The art work created will be a unique blending of shapes, colors, forms and words, so that the mandala making and art journaling combination enriches both forms of expressing the inner artist.  Individual art pieces along with a large outdoor sacred circle mandala will be created during the workshop.

The workshop is designed to give the experience of expressing inner creativity in a comfortable and nurturing environment.  The workshop is also designed to teach easy ways to use materials and techniques so that mandala making and art journaling can become part of a daily, or often done, creative journey and joy. 

Mandalas and Art Journals

A mandala is an image created in a circle. Mandala means circle, essence and container. There are many mandalas in nature: flowers, seashells and snowflakes are a few. Mandalas are also created by people with paint, sand, stained glass and other materials. Mandalas have been, and are still, used in many cultures and spiritual traditions to bring beauty, healing, inspiration and peace to those who create and view them.

Art journaling is a personal creative record, diary and expression of thoughts, feelings, dreams, memories, inspirations and goals. Art journaling combines colors, shapes, images and words that express the range of life from deep desires and insights, to daily to-do lists.    Art journals are usually created on paper with paints, markers, pens, pencils, stamps, and additional embellishments.  Any material or medium can be used.  The pages are bound in a journal or gathered together as a collection.  

Art journals and mandalas are as much about the process as the finished product.  The process of creativity in making these personal art expressions is deep, enriching, profound, joyful, at times frustrating and always worth engaging in. 

The Artist Teachers

Linda Wiggen Kraft is a mandala artist who teaches workshops called Morning Mandalas & Journaling, a way to awaken the artist within.   Her Fantasy Flower Mandala paintings inspired her photographs of real Flower Mandalas in sizes from greeting cards to large format limited edition photographs. More info about Linda’s art can be seen at this website, and her etsy site:

Kelly Larson of Spirited Hands Art , is a multi-talented artist whose inspirational artwork is expressed through many mediums.  She is a fabric artist who creates clothing, purses, wall hangings and more.  She is a multi-media painter who works on canvas, glass and other surfaces. Kelly helped establish the Turner Center for the Arts in St. Louis ( an art studio for adults with disabilities that focuses on the many benefits of creative self-expression. 

No art experience necessary.

New and experienced artists welcome.
$130 Includes all art supplies & workshop

Contact Info

For more information and to register please contact:

Linda at email:, or

Kelly at email:



Morning Mandalas & Meditation

Art Classes & Individual Sessions

Taught by artist Linda Wiggen Kraft

Workshop- Fall 2011 date coming soon

Morning Mandalas & Meditation was developed by Linda Wiggen Kraft as an easily learned combination of painting mandalas, guided imagery and journaling. This process awakens the artist within, creates calmness and provides insights into inner wisdom. It clears out interior clutter, enlivens and balances right and left sides of the brain, and expresses creativity through a daily mandala painting and writing practice. No art experience needed. For ages 8 and older.

COST: $85 ($55 for day long workshop,$30 for art supplies) Art supplies are specially designed portable kit that lasts a month or longer. Supplies include Morning Mandala folder with heavy paper for painting with circle printed on it, paper for writing, paint brush, pigment stick/crayons, and instructions. 


                      Individual Sessions - Available Anytime
These sessions provide one-on-one experience of a personally created meditation, instruction on how to easily paint mandalas, creation of mandalas, journaling and shared insight into the experience. These sessions are for those learning this process and follow-up experience.The initial session lasts for about 2 hours.

Cost: $155, which is $125 for the session, plus $30 for the Morning Mandalas art supply kits that lasts for several months. Follow-up sessions last about 1.5 to 2 hours. The cost is $125. Art materials, if needed, are extra. Individual sessions held at Center for Mind, Body, Spirit (see above for info):

Cost: $155, which is $125 for the session, plus $30 for the Morning Mandalas art supply kits that lasts for several months. Follow-up sessions last about 1.5 to 2 hours. The cost is $125. Art materials, if needed, are extra.

Individual sessions held at:

Center for Mind, Body & Spirit
7649 Delmar, University City, MO 63130

314 725-6767

For more info about attending a Mandala Painting class or individual session contact Linda at:

• Email:

• Telephone: 314 504-4266  St. Louis, Missouri





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