"A mandala is a discipline for pulling all those scattered
aspects of your life together,
for finding center and
ordering yourself to it.

              Joseph Campbell
"I am still learning."
"Odd how the creative
power at once brings the
whole universe into order."
      Virginia Woolf

" All art speaks in signs and symbols."  Albert Schweitzer


"It became increasingly plain
to me that the mandala is the centre. It is the exponent of
all paths. It is the path to the centre
." C. G. Jung



"Mandalas symbolize a safe refuge of inner reconciliation
and wholeness.

Carl Jung


"Creativity is intimate be-
cause it is us most truly,
spontaneously and totally
…The intimacy of
creativity corresponds to
the mystical experience
itself."  Matthew Fox

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain
an artist once he grows up."
Pablo Picasso

“We have to realize that
a creative being lives
within ourselves, whether
we like it or not,  and that
we must get out of its way,
for it will give us no peace
until we do.”  M.C. Richards



Classes & Workshops - 2018

Online Free Mandala Workshops

Mandalas, Meditation & Journaling
Artist Studio - Saint Louis, MO
March 24, 2018 - 1 day workshop

(details below)

Learning to See Creator in Creation:

Easy  Drawing, Sketching, Watercolor Painting
Hendersonville, North Carolina - Near Asheville
1400 acre retreat center - Kanuga

August 19 to 24, 2018  - 6 day workshop

(details below)

A Sacred Circle of Creativity

Mother Earth, Mandalas, Meditation & Words

Saint Louis, MO

October 11,12 & 13- 2018
3 day workshop

(details below )




Mandalas, Meditation & Journaling

One Day Workshop on Saturday

March 24, 2018

Location: Artist Studio, University City, MO


Morning Mandalas, Meditation & Journaling was developed by Linda Wiggen Kraft as an easily learned combination of painting mandalas, guided imagery and journaling. This art journaling process awakens the artist within, creates calmness and provides insights into inner wisdom. It clears out interior clutter, enlivens and balances right and left sides of the brain, and expresses creativity through a mandala painting and writing practice. No art experience needed. For ages 10 (with adult through age 13) and older.

Mandalas, Meditation and Journaling - There is a deep well of creativity within that we can connect with and express through the marks we make within a mandala with paints, markers, inks and other easy to use art materials. Combined with journal writing, these images and words create a personal and profound expression of who we are and our connection to the divine.

A mandala, which means sacred circle, is a container for expressing simple yet profound images that come from within. Mandalas are used in many spiritual traditions as meditation and healing tools. The round shape of Cathedral stained glass windows, sand paintings by Buddhist Monks and Medicine Wheel healing circles of Native Americans are all examples. Mandalas are also seen in the shapes of nature. Flowers, seeds, shells, individual cells and spinning galaxies all have this round contained shape.

Creating simple and easy to make mandalas allows a person to open to deep creativity. The marks and images made with paints and other art materials come from inner imagination and reflect a personal intuitive guidance to colors, shapes and images. Balancing this artistic right brain creativity is journal writing, which is a left brain activity. Journals are personal word expressions that can be private or shared. These words help give guidance and clarity. The images of our mandalas and journal words are often combined into art journal pages. The purpose of these art journaling pages is an expression of who we truly are and a deepening of connection to Source.

Guided meditations are an integral part of this class. They help class participants relax, center, go within to their creative core and outwardly express inner wisdom and connection.


One-day workshop - $95 ($70 for day long workshop,$25 for art supplies) Art supplies are specially designed portable kits that last a month or longer. Supplies include Morning Mandala folder with heavy paper for painting with circle printed on it, paper for writing, paint brush, pigment stick/crayons, and instructions.




Learning to See Creator in Creation:

Easy Drawing, Sketching, Watercolor

August 19 to 24 - 5 day workshop

Location: 1400 acre retreat center

Hendersonville, NC - near Asheville


Personal handmade art journal / prayer books that contain easy to do drawings, sketches, watercolors, poems and prayers will be created. Simple ways to make marks that help us learn the dance of drawing and write words that reveal the honesty of personal poems and prayers wil be shared. These journals, or personal prayer books, will capture the beauty and depth of knowing creation, Creator and each person’s God given gifts of creativity.
The beauty of Kanuga with its flowers, leaves, meadows, woods, stones, waters and holy places will be our  inspiration. Art materials include pencils, art pens, watercolor pencils, watercolor paints, sumi ink, walnut ink, art papers and more. No art or writing experience necessary.

Workshop starts on Sunday afternoon August 19 and ends at lunch on Friday August 24. It is a residential retreat. This workshop is part of the Faith, Art & Creative Expression conference held annually at Kanuga, an Epsicopal Retreat Center.

Registration through Kanuga - www.kanuga.org




A Sacred Circle of Creativity:

Mother Earth, Mandalas, Meditation & Words

Saint Louis, MO

October 11, 12 & 13 - 2018
3 day workshop

9 am to 5 pm daily

Location: Artist Studio, University City, MO and nearby nature

From Mystery to Manifestation & Meaning, and Back Again
Creativity is the life force, the act, the flow of becoming. It is the union of the climb to light and the dive within to the mystery and meaning of our own longing. The journey of creativity is to bring about the unity of our soul and the soul of the universe. Without knowing both the light and the mystery of our soul and the soul of the universe we don't truly know ourselves, our gifts to share and our place in creation. 


A three day workshop of connection to and communion with the sacredness of nature and creativity. Time in nature, making marks with mandalas and other images, guided meditations and writing of words through journaling, prayers and poems.  

A sacred circle of creativity is a nurturing safe embracing place where a deep connection with our own personal truths and source is opened and expressed. A sacred circle of creativity can surround us as we create individually or with others. It is created with a centering of intention and opening to creative spirit. It surrounds us in a mandala of wholeness and centering.

A sacred circle of connection to nature lets us feel the pulse of creation from Mother Earth and the creations of nature. Time will be spent out of doors in nearby nature where creativity and connection will be experienced and expressed. 




We will work with easily created images and words of mystery and light. The cycles of nature, especially the Moon, will be our guide. The wisdom of seeds as they germinate and grow roots in the darkness and then grow to the light will also be our guide.

We will use meditation, mandalas, mark making and writing to create meaningful mixed media art journaling expressions. New materials ( never used in these workshops) will be explored along with other art materials: including watercolor and other papers, inks, paints, graphite pencils, pipettes, color copies, stones, sticks and other man made and nature made art materials.

We will be creating simple art journaling books that will hold our images, words, and nature creations. We will be creating containers and vessels for both the mystery and light of our creative discoveries. We will create essences of our creativity, dreams, mystery and light.


We will spend time in a nearby native savannah with surrounding woods to share our creativity and connection with the trees, waters and plants. We will honor the soul of nature as we realize we humans and nature are one in this co-created journey of creation.

The workshop takes place from 9 am to 5 pm each day. Most of the time will be in my artist studio with optional nearby gardens and labyrinth. No art, writing or nature experience necessary. The art is a simple form of “mark making” which anyone can do. The writing is a simple form of honest expression, which anyone can do. We will also be driving to a nearby woods and native savanah for part of the time.  No hiking or strenuous walking required. Time in nature will be a completion of some of our creative expressions and where we find connection to the soul of nature.

Included in the cost are most of the art materials needed.  We will be using different art papers, watercolors, inks and other easy to use materials. Each participant can bring additional art materials.





2016 Workshop

Creating Sacred Space In the Garden

Planted Prayers
August 21 - 26 - 2016

Faith, Arts and Creative Expression - Liturical Arts Conference

Kanuga Retreat and Conference Center

Hendersonville, North Carolina

Sacred Spaces can be found in nature, places of worship, within our homes, within our hearts and in the work created by our hands.  In the class “Creating Sacred Space in the Garden, Planting Prayers” easy to do art and writing techniques, along with hands on experience of how to create sacred spaces in our own gardens (as small as containers on an apartment patio to acres of landscape), gardens at places of worship and outside in nature will be shared. Using the beauty and marvel of Kanuga’s sacred grounds each participant will find an outdoor spot to create their own focal point sacred space.

Mandalas, labyrinths, sacred geometry and other art forms that have been used to create sacred spaces throughout history will be explored and used. The class will be held inside for most of the art making and writing components. Some time will be spent outdoors near the classroom. There will be a tiny amount of digging in the dirt with a trowel.

Prayer is part of the creation of sacred space. Prayers will be created with simple easy to do art and words. Different forms of art making and expressive writing formats will create prayers of each participant’s own art and words. Making mandalas will be part of the art making. Creating simple and easy to make art forms allows an opening to deep creativity. The marks and images made with paints and other art materials come from inner imagination and reflect a personal intuitive guidance to colors, shapes and images. Balancing this artistic right brain creativity is journal and prayer writing, which is left brain activity. Together the images and words will become the prayers used for planting prayers, prayer boxes and prayer stones which will all be part of the outdoor sacred spaces. In addition, a map will be created to pinpoint and discover all these sacred spaces at Kanuga, in a similar way to letterboxing and geocaching.


No art, writing or gardening experience necessary. The art is a simple form of “mark making” which anyone can do. The writing is a simple form of honest expression, which anyone can do. The gardening is a simple form of easy digging. The map making - well anyone with map making and/or GPS skills will be an asset. Seeds, art papers, paint, inks, dyes, stones and other art materials will be used in the creation of prayers for planting, prayer boxes and painted prayer stones.

Guided and centering meditations are an integral part of this class. They help class participants relax, center, go within to their creative core and outwardly express inner wisdom and connection.




Mandalas, Meditation & Journaling


1 Day Workshop - Individual Session

Individual Sessions - Available anytime - MP3 meditation included

These sessions provide one-on-one experience of guided meditations, instruction on how to easily create mandalas, journaling and shared insight into the experience. The initial session lasts 3 - 4 hours. MP3 guided meditations created by Linda for creating mandalas provided to use outside the session.

Workshop description above.

Cost: $200 ($175 for the session, plus $25 for art supply kit).
Follow-up sessions available.
For individual instruction please contact Linda or the:
Center for Mind, Body & Spirit, 7649 Delmar, University City, MO 63130, 314 725-6767



For more info contact Linda at:

• Email: CreativityForTheSoul@gmail.com

• Telephone: 314 504-4266  St. Louis, Missouri


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