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"At the deepest level, the creative process and the healing process arise from a single source. When you are an artist, you are a healer."
- Rachel Naomi Remen

"The event of creation did not take place so many eons ago, astronomically or biologically speaking. Creation is taking place every moment of our lives."
- David Suzuki
"Wherever you are is the entry point." - Kabir
"Nobody sees a flower really, it is so small. We haven't time, and to see takes time.."
- Georgia O'Keefe
"The labyrinth is an archetype of transformation. Its transcendent nature knows no boundaries, crossing time and cultures with ease. The labyrinth serves as a bridge from the mundane to the divine."
- Kimberly Lowelle Saward
"Friends are angels who lift our feet when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly."
- Anonymous



Slow Art Art should be savored and slowly observed.  The first International Slow Art day was held around the world in Oct. 2009. Join this  year's April 17th event at 11 am at the St. Louis Art Museum.   Linda and Kelly Larson are the St. Loius hosts.  For more info and to register, click below:


AT HOME St. Louis Magazine feature, May/June 2007 issue titled: "8 of the Top St. Louis Landscape Designers".

HGTV online article about sanctuary gardens that features Linda's work and photos.

Public Gardens

Missouri Botanical Garden 79 acres of gardens that are an inspiration and refuge surrounded by the city of St. Louis. 29 miles south is Shaw Nature Reserve with 2,500 acres of native plant wonders.

Olbrich Gardens A favorite public garden in Madison, WI  that looks like garden fairies come and tend each square inch. 

Garden Blogs and Websites

Soul of the Garden Tom Spencer is a garden writer, photographer, and tv & radio garden show host in Austin, Texas who inspires us to know the deeper reasons and joys of gardening.

The Human Flower Project International newsgroup, photo album and discussion of humankind’s relationship with the floral world through art, medicine, society, history, politics, religion, and commerce.

Garden Rant Four women who rant about their love of gardens and are “bored with picture perfect magazine gardens”, They hate names like "plant material" and "horticultural industry", in other words my kind of gardeners.

You Grow Girl   The "garden hoe” t-shirt that is a hoot. This is a fun, funny irreverent side of gardening and plants by true, honest plant lovers.

Organic, Sustaining & Environment

The Healthy Planet The St. Louis monthly environmental and healthy living newspaper, published since 1997.  Linda is editor of the "Green & Growing, A Voice for Sustainable Gardening, Landscaping and Homes ".

Organic Gardening.  This was where it all started, when wisdom of working with nature instead of against her was never forgotten.

NW Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides. Info about devastating effects of toxic pesticides.  Helpful info on safe pesticides.

Missouri Coalition for the Environment Helps keep waters and air clean and protects open spaces for now and the future.


Art For the Soul

Clear Vision Studio Artist Mona Shiber creates intricate ceramic mandalas and chakra pieces that are amazing.

Art of Creation Sandy Nelson of Minneapolis is an artist, writer and play coach.

Chameleon Quilts Studio Deana Hartman of Kansas creates colorful art quilts inspire and excite.

The Village of Arts & Humanities transformeda Philadelphia inner cityneighborhood through gardens, murals, mosaics, sculpture, dance, theatre and more.

Rebecca Woods Studio Colorful fun functional pottery from R. Wood Studio. The amazing colors of this website inspired this one.

Mandala Sites Monique Mandali created her first mandala coloring book in 1978. She has an extensive online mandala shop that sells Mandalas Every Day and other mandala art by Linda.

Mandala Journey to the Center Bailey Cunningham’s book Mandala is a favorite. There is great information and beautiful photos.

Holistic Living

The Center for Mind, Body and Spirit in University City, MO offers an integrated approach to healing and wellness. Morning Mandalas & Meditation classes and individual sessions are held here.

Heart Lands Sharon Roberts is a creator of harmonious homes, gardens and living spaces.

Life Potentials Diantha Harris's life long love of color inspired her work in interior design, color healing, feng shui and her book Simply...Color



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