“It was my job to figure out how to get 400 children (kindergarten through fifth grade) outside so they could each quickly and easily plant their seeds.” Linda Wiggen Kraft

"There is a rhythm throughout the garden, created by repeating certain plants and by the stepping stones. The repetition of certain elements, as in music, draws you from one view to the next."  Linda Wiggen Kraft

"We don’t often feel the completeness of our body, mind, heart and soul like we do in the garden.  But we can use that experience to form our daily
practice of living in
                  Linda Wiggen Kraft




Linda started writing a gardening column in 1998 for The Healthy Planet, a St. Louis monthly newspaper/magazine that educates about and promotes holistic and sustainable living.  Her columns are about the “big picture” of how flowers, plants, nature and gardens enhance people’s lives physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  She has also gardened organically since the early 1990s.


In 2010 she was asked to write for a new gardening magazine called Missouri Gardener.  Her articles are published in a four state region including Missouri. Her articles are in the Conscientious Gardener section that educates gardeners about ways they can help solve environmental problems while at the same time having beautiful gardens.

Linda’s work has been featured in local and national magazines, newspapers including Better Homes & Gardens Special Publications, Organic Gardening, St. Louis At Home, St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles, and St. Louis Post Dispatch.  The stories featured her work with vegetable gardens for children, healing gardens, fairy gardens, gardens of beauty and her own unique way of creating gardens.


Please contact Linda if you are interested in her work

in the following areas :

• Speaking engagements and workshop leading for

   holistic and/or sustainable garden topics

• Writing articles on holistic and/or sustainble gardening

  and landscapes


Linda can be contacted at:

• Email: CreativityForTheSoul@gmail.com

• Telephone: 314 504-4266 St. Louis



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